Working with Nifelle Design was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. Jennifer took our general rule of “modern but warm” and added a touch of Africa as a nod to our country of origin. She produced a final outcome that made our high-rise home in the Cosmopolitan a welcoming, exceptionally comfortable, haven in the sky.

Nifelle Design brought many excellent resources to our project that we doubt could be found at any other single firm. With the largest sample library in the region, it was easy and efficient to find exactly what we were looking for.

Being a second-generation designer, Jennifer draws on an extensive network of relationships throughout the design world – a fact that turned out to be very useful on more than one occasion. Two examples: our project required the services of a general contractor as well as a cabinet maker and, of course, Jennifer knew just the right people. When we asked for low-profile, upholstered, swivel chairs without a visible base, Jennifer knew just the source. The list goes on.

We are particularly pleased with our Nifelle-designed, custom built bar. The concern was that it would be too bulky and dominate the limited space or obstruct the beautiful views of the city, so one of Jennifer’s in-house designers (Kristina Bonadurer) came up with a streamlined concept drawing which was then used to design the actual bar. The master cabinet maker loved the challenge – producing the curved split-level granite & glass counter tops and arching zebrawood base were not trivial, but the end result was well worth it.

Our great room now has four functional areas (five, if you count the balcony with Nifelle-supplied teak furniture). Our inner hallway has just enough to keep the eye pleasantly occupied, while our master suite is a luxurious feast for the senses. Finally, our son has the room of his dreams, and let’s not forget my personal, insanely beautiful den office, as well as our perfect little guest bathroom.

Thank you Jenni​fer!