Where to Sit

By Jim McCausland, Sunset senior garden writer

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sunset1Visiting Jennifer and Justin Leonard’s garden in Portland yesterday, it occurred to me that this renovated garden is so inviting partly because it offers so many delightful places to sit.

A custom-made stone sofa at the top of the garden surveys the whole scene. Made to Jennifer’s design, it has stone cushions, back, and armrest. Since everything is angled just right, it’s completely comfortable for people and dogs alike.

As you descend into the garden, you can go left to a faux-stick bench, or right to a moss-covered concrete bench.

And when you’re down in the depths of this lovely sunken garden, you glance up at my favorite: a white-painted bench that seems suspended among the shrubberies. The view calls you, and

you soon find a path to a private little seat that promises as many deep thoughts and daydreams as you have time for.