Single Design Moves That Make the Whole Bedroom

Take your sleeping space from standard to extraordinary in one fell swoop

Becky Dietrich

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I ‘ve been browsing the bedrooms on Houzz looking for rooms where one thing – one imaginative stroke – makes all the difference in the design. It might be an accessory, a paint color or a piece of furniture. But if that one thing weren’t in the room, the look would be substantially diminished. Take a glimpse at some of these bedrooms, and see if you can figure out what the one thing is before I reveal it. Hopefully, you’ll begin to appreciate how you can enhance a space with just a single move.

houzz_mar14_1Paint absolutely tops my list for achieving brilliant design affordably. Can you imagine this enveloping bedroom without the rich milk chocolate walls? All the individual ingredients are good, but it’s the paint color that makes it great.

houzz_mar14_2A bold color on all the walls may be too much for you, but you can still employ a single spot of color – to finish off a room like the ribbon on a present. The tangerine in this alcove works like the ribbon here, and the color is casually repeated throughout the space. It’s the singular move that makes this bedroom croon.

houzz_mar14_3Again, a single color – in this case the golden yellow of the bolster and the lumbar pillows – even when added with a very restrained hand, can still revolutionize a room. This bedroom would sing a different tune without that hue.

houzz_mar14_4Upholstering the bench in yellow made all the difference here, as well. A less accomplished designer might have chosen to repeat the color scheme of the bed. But applying a color that until that point appeared in only the most perfunctory way? Perfecto! (Notice in both these rooms how beautifully yellow and black complement each other. by the way.)

houzz_mar14_5That single transformative item can be as simple as a great lamp. This glass fixture with its deep-pink base brings the soft, fuzzy colors of the bedroom into focus and upgrades the entire scheme. (Plus. it’s filled with gum balls!)

houzz_mar14_6Isn’t this green Windsor style chair cheeky and fabulous? Even in a bedroom filled with interesting and imaginative touches, the chair is a standout and adds a certainje ne sais quoithat makes such a difference.

houzz_mar14_7Although designers may argue about the scale of this painting, I think all would agree that it absolutely speaks across the room. It is so ·other” – rich and dark, whereas the rest of the room is light and airy. Without it, this room would falter. If you have a piece like this that you love, please use it!

houzz_mar14_8This painting is on the opposite side of the scale spectrum but is just as significant. Imagine something less striking, less imperative, in its place and feel how the room takes a step back.

houzz_mar14_9A piece of furniture can be the single thing, as with this imposing Chinese armoire. Even tucked into the corner of a room as spacious as this one. it commands our attention and compels us to notice. A trendy painted cupboard could have been used instead, but it would have been bland by comparison.

houzz_mar14_10When used with panache and imagination, area rugs are able to make a room all by themselves. In this bedroom – which otherwise would be staid­the zebra rug does exactly that.

houzz_mar14_11Your design can be spare. but it will still benefit from a single addition. Actually, in this room there are three things that have such impact that if one of them were removed, the room would stutter. Take out one item in your mind, see what happens. put it back, and take out the next We are talking, of course. about the black leather chair. the fur throw and that awesome bike.

houzz_mar14_12Fear not! Your single addition does not have to be permanent. It can be as transient (but impactful) as the flowers on this nightstand. Do these ideas make you want to scour your house for something unique or run to your nearest flea market? If so. go for it!