The Most Popular New Sunroom Photos in Summer 2018

Blurring the lines between indoors and out, these rooms offer comfort and natural light in winter and year-round

Becky Harris
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Blurred Indoor-Outdoor Boundaries – Fotograf Jonas Norén

As winter approaches, the days get shorter, temperatures drop and we spend a lot more time indoors than during other seasons. A sunroom is a place that lets nature in through vast windows and blurs the lines between indoors and out. It’s a spot to enjoy the sun’s light, whether reading, gathering for a meal or having a really good nap. Houzzer favorites from the past three months included rooms with stained-glass transoms, fireplaces, overstuffed furniture and even large glass garage doors that transform the rooms into porches during the warmer months.

The whole point of sunrooms is to have a room filled with sunlight and views of the outdoors. But the expanses of glass in this conservatory blur the indoor-outdoor boundary even further. At first glance it’s hard to tell if this is an outdoor porch or an indoor room thanks to the high ceilings, walls completely composed of windows and brick wall.

Style note: Even just one geranium in an inexpensive terra-cotta pot adds loads of old-fashioned charm to a sunroom.

This sunroom also blurs the lines between indoors and out, thanks not only to the floor-to-ceiling windows but also to the copious use of plants. They add layers of color, texture and life.

Style note: That thick rug is an unexpected move for a space with an outdoor feel. It adds warmth, color and visual interest.

Floyd Dean

Sun Control
At certain times of day, the glare in a sunroom can be relentless. Houzzers were drawn to this sunroom’s bamboo blinds, which filter the light and add a natural texture to the room. The stained-glass transom windows, pendant lights and round dining table were also a hit.

Style note: The cozy wide daybed in the corner is the perfect sunroom napping spot.

BATC-Housing First Minnesota

Hamptons Style
This home is in Minnesota, but the color palette of light, creamy white and indigo, the coastal references and the chic use of patterns recalls the look that’s come to be known as Hamptons style. It gives this sunroom a sophisticated beach vacation vibe.

Style note: Midnight blue walls make the bright white trim paint pop.

Nifelle Design – Fine Interiors

Delightful Garden Inspiration
The soft greens, botanical pillows and trellis wallcovering pay homage to the garden outside the windows. The design pros at Nifelle Interiors incorporated natural textures like woven baskets, twigs on the lamps and rush chair seats, which are a lovely complement to the greenery in the room.

Style note: The use of symmetry makes this arrangement pleasing.

Edgewater Design Group

A Cozy Lake-Cabin Look
Located on Burt Lake in Michigan, this sun porch by Edgewater Design Group contains features we’d expect to see in a lake cabin — knotty wood, a stone fireplace, even wooden water skis. But lovely upholstery and modern windows elevate the typical rustic cabin look. The neutral color palette of the furniture maintains the relaxed feel and puts the focus on the blue of the water and the green trees outside.

Style note: The ceiling fan recalls a steamboat’s paddle wheel.

Cielo Home Interior Design

This sunroom addition designed by Cielo Home Interior Design gave the homeowners a lake-cabin feel on the back of their suburban Colonial-style home. Key cabin elements are the mix of woods and stains, the stacked stone fireplace and the warm red-and-cream color palette.

Style note: The porthole window over the fireplace is a clever architectural move. Also, check out the room from another angle to see the handy passthrough to the kitchen.

Cynthia Hayes Interior Design

Light Scandinavian Style
This space is representative of so many sunrooms. They are often long and narrow former side porches that have been enclosed and converted to indoor space. Here the beautiful wood on the ceiling and floor contrasts with the bright white walls.

Style note: Interior designer Cynthia Hayes’ use of a narrow sofa and coffee table suits the room’s proportions and keeps a path open.

Pillar Homes

Garage Door Opener
In this house by Pillar Homes, the sunroom is wide open to the yard. Houzzers have commented on this glass garage door, but also on its optional screen to keep the bugs away.

Style note: While the garage door out to the yard catches our eye at this angle, there’s an opening of equal size on the opposite side that leads to the kitchen, outfitted with accordion doors. Get a better look at it.

A similar garage door move had Houzzers saving just about every photo of this Michigan lake house sun porch addition.

Style note: Check out the way the tongue-and-groove paneling continues from the walls across the ceiling. This creates a neat and cohesive look.