Custom Colonial

Featuring Nifelle Design
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This 1997 Colonial-style residence full is designed to take full advantage of its lofty perch overlooking the Willamette River, the city, and mountains beyond. However, the views are not the only notable features of this beautifully fur­nished and decorated home. In 2013, immediately after purchasing the 4,400 square foot house (situated on 1/2 acre), the homeowners asked Jenni­fer Leonard of Nifelle Design Fine Tn­teriors to give it the whole-house makeover it deserved. Leonard and As­sociate Designer, Kristina Bonadurer, worked on all aspects of the interior and exterior, from top to bottom. They sourced or designed all new furnish­ings, carpets, lighting and wall finish­es… even linens and picture frames. The holiday tree, fresh garlands, wreaths and flowers also have the Nife­lle Design touch.

While all of the views and interiors are unquestionably striking, one of the most notable rooms is the den­–the “Zebra Room.” Iconic Scalaman­dré wallpaper covers the walls, with an existing bank of built-in cabinets transformed by heavy lacquer, mirrors, sassy gold pulls and a custom bulletin board. Antique zebra heads and animal print upholstery complete the theme. Like the den, every room in the house has a specific design theme which car­ries through to the smallest details. As you walk through the home, note the homeowners’ eclectic and bold art col­lection. Leonard particularly embraced the opportunity to showcase numer­ous pieces by Gregory Grenon and Jim Riswold, and she added to the collec­tion by commissioning charcoal pieces from Portland artist April Coppini.

Today, the homeowners and their three children are thrilled with their home and already have fond memo­ries of beautiful Christmases in the living room and relaxed summer dinners outside on the patio. At the same time, they are looking forward to their next projects: re-landscaping the font entrance and remodeling the master bath and kitchen… complet­ing the journey to making this a truly Custom Colonial.