Eye On Design 2017

All About: Color
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Color has the extraordinary ability to elicit a particular mood and create a certain ambience, which makes it a powerful tool in home design. But assembling the perfect palette today is way more fun than it has been in previous years when whites and beiges reigned supreme: Lately, homeowners have been more eager than ever to get playful with unexpected hues. Artistic wallpapers, print-wearing chairs, eye-catching window treatments, splashy rugs and patterned pillows are all making appearances, whether sparingly or abundantly. Combinations like white with black or navy will forever remain classics, as well as reliable backgrounds for pops of color, but know the rainbow is yours to pursue ever boldly. We turned to some of the Pacific Northwest’s leading design pros for advice on how to approach color with confidence.

How did you determine this room’s (right) palette?
My usual process is to start with the rug and work my way up—selecting the paint color last. This living room was done in reverse. This was the existing paint color (Devine Reflection) from the previous owners and the only one we kept. It is a color I’ve used previously in projects, and a favorite as it can read blue, green or gray, depending on the light conditions and other colors in the space. It always feels alive and full of body.

And how does the color work with the more traditional pieces in the space?
I find that colors in the blue/green family look fantastic paired with antiques such as this mahogany Pembroke table.The richness of the mahogany is dramatic when o set against a color such as Devine Re action.

Was there a time when you used color to solve a big design challenge?
We recently completed a whole house remodel, which had a very dated den. An entire wall of built-ins dominated the space in their decades-old cherry finish. High-gloss black lacquer to the rescue! The den is now exceptionally sassy and updated with lacquered cabinetry and Scalamandré’s classic paper, Zebras in Gold, on the remaining walls—so fab!