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Jennifer Leonard, principal of Nifelle Design Fine Interiors. Image courtesy David Papazian.

Today is our first post in a series that will showcase our products chosen by some of our most talented industry professionals as their favorites. We’re bringing you picks by Jennifer Leonard in this installment. She’s the principal of Nifelle Design Fine Interiors, a Portland, Oregon-based firm led by this second-generation interior designer.

Jennifer is one professional who truly did grow up in the business, as her mother, Jacquie, owned a full-service interior design business and retail store on Wall Street in downtown Bend, Oregon, for over 20 years. In fact, the name Nifelle Design dates from 1980 when Jacquie combined her only child’s first and middle name (Jen-nif-er Mich-elle) to form Nifelle Corporation.

The Currey & Company Elwynn bench in Jennifer Leonard’s garden in the lush wet Pacific Northwest. Image courtesy David Papazian.

From the Nifelle Design studio and showroom on Mt. Tabor, the firm designs projects that crisscross the nation from Hawaii to the Hamptons. Jennifer’s mission is to create beautiful, functional, and authentic spaces that reflect each individual client, and she notes how proud she is to lead a service-oriented firm known for listening to its clients’ needs and achieving their goals in a collaborative manner. This approach has often led to long-term relationships with clients, who return to Nifelle Design for their next projects. And we at Currey & Company are thrilled each time she chooses our products to include in her sumptuous interiors.

The Currey & Company Crystal Bud Chandelier in bronze in Nifelle Design’s Greenleaf project. Image courtesy David Papazian.

Jennifer had no hesitation in participating in our product popularity contest, saying of our Elwynn bench(shown above in her lush garden), “I absolutely love all the Currey & Company faux bois pieces because they are made by hand and you can tell. The craftsmanship (and the weight) is incredible, which makes these real works of art. This Elwynn bench is one of my personal favorites. About our Crystal Bud family of chandeliers—the silver version hangs in her dining room and the bronze version is in her firm’s Greenleaf project, shown above—she remarks, “I love the organic nature mixed with the sparkle of the crystal buds. It appeals to so many of my clients, men and women alike, and it appears in numerous Nifelle projects. We should probably ask Bethanne to rename it after me!

Jennifer Leonard’s New Product Picks

The Forest Dawn Chandelier in a silver leaf, new from Currey & Company.

“I have the Forest Light Chandelier in my master bedroom and it might be the best thing I’ve ever done, so how could I not absolutely love this new addition to the Forest line in silver leaf; it’s extraordinary. I love the organic nature of the piece juxtaposed with the luxe quartz crystals dripping off the branches. SO. GOOD. This would be incredible…well, just about anywhere! Dining room, master bedroom, master closet, master bath, entry, stairwell, I mean really….where is this not the perfect fixture?”

The Ottorino Pendant, new from Currey & Company.

“The Ottorino Pendant caught my eye with its stunning swirls of gray and white on the art glass surface. I find it very moody, and the large scale makes a powerful impact. These would be fabulous over a large kitchen island with Carrera marble countertops. Yes. Please.”

The James Flush Mount, new from Currey & Company.

“The James Flush Mount reminds me of old-school subway tile, which I love. It’s a classic, and I’m sure the James will prove to be timeless too. We work in many older homes in Portland, and I see this as a perfect fit in a butler’s pantry.”

The Alabastro Table Lamp, new from Currey & Company.

About the Alabastro Table Lamp, Jennifer says, “Ah, Alabaster, need I say more? Classic, natural, beautiful. I love the obelisk form. Where doesn’t this lamp work perfectly?”

The Sayan Black Dining Table and Sayan Pepper Dining Table, new from Currey & Company.

“Love these new Sayan wire-brushed cerused-oak dining tables. They are perfect as a game table or kitchen nook table. I think these will be a hit in the Pacific Northwest: natural, durable, and a bit funky!”

The Luzon Bench, new from Currey & Company.

“New faux bois: Woohoo! I love faux bois, and adore all the new Luzon intros. The Luzon Bench would also make a great coffee table, indoors or out. I admire the durability of these pieces, and how they age so beautifully outside over time. Each is made by hand, which makes them true works of art.”

The Talli Accent Table, new from Currey & Company.

“I am dying over this Talli Accent Table: the natural horn mosaic pattern is breathtakingly beautiful. I see this working perfectly in modern or traditional interiors. I probably need two!”

The Dyer Black Ink Walnut Ottoman and the Dyer Denim Oyster Ottoman, new from Currey & Company.

“How charming are these new Dyer Ottomans! I love the arched cathedral-inspired design: a classic and clean look. I see them as an interesting footstool for a corner lounge chair, or paired together in a living room for additional seating.”

The Jeanie Large Mirror (left) and Pasay Large Mirror (right), new from Currey & Company.

“These new Buri beaded mirrors, Pasay and Jeanie, just make me happy! I feel like they remind me of my hair upon waking up, or my hair when I rock out in the kitchen to Journey, or my yellow Labrador’s hair after he gets out of the ocean. They are just so very happy-making! I see them in a foyer, powder bathroom, sunroom, pool house…so fun!”

The Kara and Karoo vases, new from Currey & Company.

“Such beauty in these Karoo/Kara porcelain vases. I love the mix of colors in this ombré glaze with its color combination of cream, cornflower blue, and green. These vases will be a beautiful and practical addition for many interiors.”

The Ming family of vases, new from Currey & Company.

“The Ming Collection is a gorgeous addition to the Currey & Company accessory line. The hand-built/hand-thrown porcelain is then hand-painted with the same pigment used over 200 years ago: Leave it to Currey to authentically recreate such remarkably beautiful and classic pieces; thank you!”

Riya Trays, new from Currey & Company.

“As a designer, I can never have enough trays, especially round trays; and especially round trays in champagne and silver finishes. The clean graceful designs of the Riya in cast aluminum is so appealing. Need I say more?”

Coming Soon to a Project Near You!

Jennifer with her furry (unpaid) intern Kipper. Image courtesy David Papazian.

We can’t thank Jennifer enough for sharing her picks of our new products; her enthusiasm for our furnishings is proven each time she sources our products. And we can’t wait to see some of these new introductions in the beautiful rooms she designs.